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  • Navigate your way through the British capital at your own pace
  • Enjoy the luxury of a unique panoramic experience
  • Discover the iconic monuments and grandeur of London
  • Learn more about the city with available audio guides
  • Benefit from a complimentary boat ride through the River Thames (if selected)

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Attraction - Hop-On Hop-Off Bus London Tickets


Draped in grandeur, innovation and royalty, London is a city that will show you its true self by simply being within its streets. Explore the British capital in a unique way as you are guided through the heart of the city in Golden Tours’ hop-on hop-off bus experience. Find yourself at the doorstep of the capital's most awe-inspiring landmarks and locations and see just what makes London a quintessential world icon.

Embrace the full atmosphere of London as you float through the city with a lovely open top bus that provides magnificent panoramic views. Never fall short of amazement, whether you decide to stay in the bus or hop-off at any of the various bus stops pinned all across the city.

You will be navigated through the bustling streets of London to famous places like the classical Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. The London Eye will loom over you as you enjoy the vibrant life of London’s Southbank area as well as the city’s biggest skyscraper, The Shard. Reach the very golden gates of the grand Buckingham Palace, the majestic St Paul’s Cathedral and so much more.

Relish an amazing sightseeing experience with a complimentary adventure along the heart of London’s River Thames. Departing from Westminster taking you to either Tower Bridge Quay or Greenwich, or vice versa, you will glide through more scenic views of London uncovering fascinating facts with live commentary from the captain and audio guides available.

Golden Tours brings audio commentary throughout the experience, providing you with the luxury of learning and getting to know more about the capital regardless of the time you may have.

*A supplement will be charged on site for certain services and leisure activities


Once booked, you will receive a confirmation with a full city map and all the bus stops. You have the complete luxury and flexibility to curate your own adventure’s starting and ending points.

What’s included*

  • Hop-on Hop-off bus ticket
  • Panoramic Tour
  • Audio guide in 11 languages
  • Wifi on board
  • One way Thames River Cruise (if selected)

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus - 1 Day without cruise

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Enjoy this amazing adventure around the British capital. Included for you:

✨ Hop-On Hop-Off Bus - 1 Day Ticket

On this scenic journey through the city, you will have the chance and luxury to see most of London's iconic sights with an incredible open top bus. 

Take pleasure on this amazing journey through the British capital. Included for you:

✨ Hop-On Hop-Off Bus - 24 hour Ticket

This panoramic journey around the city will give you the chance to see most of London's iconic landmarks through the experience of an open top bus.

If you are looking for an amazing picturesque London adventure, we included for you:

✨ Hop-On Hop-Off Bus - 24 hour Ticket
✨ One way Thames River Cruise 

This panoramic journey around the city will give you the chance to see most of London's monumental locations and have the luxury of an amazing complimentary cruise through the Thames River.

Admire the grandeur of London more with this panoramic adventure. Included for you:

✨ Hop-On Hop-Off Bus - 48 hour Ticket
✨ One way Thames River Cruise  

You will have the opportunity to see most of London's grand places with this scenic adventure in an amazing open top bus and have the benefit of a complimentary cruise through the incredible Thames River.

Experience the full London adventure around the British streets. Included for you:

✨ Hop-On Hop-Off Bus - 72 hour Ticket
✨ One way Thames River Cruise 

Take in the complete freedom to live and discover most of London's best landmarks with an awe inspiring panoramic journey. Plus enjoy the magnificent Thames River with a delightful complimentary cruise.

London, United Kingdom

One of the most visited cities in the world, London is also known as the “City of the World”. Famous for its cosmopolitan character and atmosphere, it seduces culture lovers as well as shopping enthusiasts. A true open-air museum where you can discover iconic landmarks with friends and family. Stop yourself at the foot of the impressive Big Ben, admire the city from the top of the London Eye or watch the famous Changing of Guard in front of Buckingham Palace. 

Venture to the trendy district of Shoreditch, where you will find a wide range of things to enjoy like street art, vintage boutiques and fancy restaurants. For that special moment, head to the Sky Garden which, as its name suggests, is an indoor garden located at the top of a huge skyscraper. Absorb the 360º breath-taking view. Need a break from the hustle and bustle? Escape to Hyde Park, enjoy a walk or picnic in this expansive, beautiful green landscape in the heart of the city. In the evening, attend a musical in the West End or lose yourself in the streets of Soho and Covent Garden… you will stumble across legendary places without even looking for them!


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